New Yoga Teachers: Tips For Subbing Yoga Classes

Yay!  You finished your yoga teacher training, and you’re ready to hop into the classroom.  One of the best and most traditional ways to get started is to make yourself available to substitute teach classes for other teachers.  By “make yourself available” I mean, be ready to drop everything and hustle over to the gym…

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Against Government Regulation of Yoga – 100%!

News out of Colorado that a State executive who oversees the licensing of yoga studios is cracking down on competing yoga studios.  Read more here:  ARTICLE.  Yes, I predicted this *years* ago when I first learned about the Yoga Alliance and what their mission was. I used to prosecute licensed professionals for violating their licensing…

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Playlist and personal update

Haven’t done a playlist lately, here ya’ go.  Digging the new Wah! tune.  Also, we just moved from Idaho to Asheville, NC.  Looking for teaching opportunities blah blah blah.  If you’re ever in the area, be sure to drop me a line.

This guy! This guy here!

An interview I did with the American Bar Association’s young lawyer’s section. Pretty much every “quote” they put in there was wrong, but the sentiment is accurate: