Awkward Wide Legged Forward Fold Twist

Not sure of the Sanskrit name for this one so I made up my own.  It’s a kick-ass twist and forward fold all in one.  It is a complementary pose to the down dog variation posted by Diva Shenanigans yesterday (check it out here:  DIVA SHENANIGANS POST)

Come into a wide legged forward fold.  Reach the one hand across to the opposite ankle and take hold.  Open the other hand toward the sky.  Now pull on the hand holding the ankle so your spine and head point toward the ground – this is a forward fold, so the head and back do not extend out, but rather down.  Twist your head open toward your raised hand.  Finally, put some weight back into the opposite foot to really open up the lower back and hips.  Feel this in your mid to lower back, in the hamstring of the grasped leg, and in the twisting through the spine.  [edit:  option to bind the top hand behind the back then to the thigh on the non-grasped leg, not pictured]


Reach one hand to the opposite ankle and take hold, raise the other hand to the sky


This is a forward fold, so the crown of the head moves toward the sand.


Picture shows incorrect form – the spine should not be flat, the head should not be reaching out and forward, do not look down


Another cool view from the opposite side. Nice.

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