Class Descriptions

These are the studio yoga classes I teach.  Private lessons are customized to the client’s needs.


Vin / Yin:  Alignment based yoga class mixing long, slow relaxing yin poses to reach deeper into fascia and joints, along with warming traditional flow yoga.

Hatha Yoga:  Taught to all levels, with beginner and advanced options on many poses. The Hatha Yoga class will draw on vinyasa, ashtanga and hatha styles, so that each class becomes a unique workout for the students who attend. Yogis of all levels are welcome; beginner, intermediate and advanced options are given on many poses.

Level Up! your yoga practice.   Every month we’ll work on one unique and challenging pose to move your yoga practice to the next level.  In this workshop-style class, we’ll start the month with preparatory and strengthening poses to get your body and mind ready for the challenge pose that comes later in the month.  As we move toward the end of the month, you’ll find yourself ready to accept the challenge of fun poses like forearm stand, one legged king pigeon, handstand, or an assortment of arm balances.

Hot Power Flow:  Vinyasa style flow class with the heat turned UP!  The heat relaxes muscles and makes you sweat out toxins as you build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow Level 1 / 2 / 3:  Vinyasa style flow classes of varying level of difficulty (1 = easiest).  Using the Sun Salutation as a foundation, these classes flow through various yoga pose sequences which are linked together using breath and motion.  Vinyasa practice can improve strength, flexibility and body-mindfulness.

Gentle:  Just what the title says.  Easy stretching and body awareness.  Sometimes we’ll work on particular areas that are important to keep healthy depending on the special needs of the students who come to class regularly.  Throw in a few Warrior II’s and we’re done.

All Levels: Vinyasa style yoga class, taught to all levels, with beginner and advanced options on many poses. The “all levels” class will draw on vinyasa, ashtanga and hatha styles depending on who shows up, so that each class becomes a unique workout for the students who attend.  Yogis of all levels are welcome.

Yoga Over 40:  Yoga for us older folks. Turn down the music, the heat and the intensity, and focus on what our mature bodies need. This class is characterized by a long, slow warming up period, liberal use of props, and a focus on the more basic yoga forms and proper breathing technique. The class will be more suited to mature beginners, and those who wish a low impact practice. Yogis should be generally physically fit.

Men’s Yoga:  Yoga geared toward mens’ strengths.  Lots of sweating, arm balances and inversions, while subtly working toward more flexibility.

Advanced Practice:  Move your practice forward.  Work toward more advanced binds, arm balances, twists.


Partner Yoga:  Come together with with your partner through movement, touch, play, and breathing. In the “Partner Yoga” workshop couples will flow through a series of gentle “partner” poses and adjustments with each other.  Learn non-verbal and quiet communication, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Arm Balances I & II:  Feel the body soar as you balance lightly in some of yoga’s most beautiful poses.  These vinyasa practice workshops will center on preparatory poses to help the student get into arm balances of increasing levels of difficulty.  Arm balances may include: crow; side crow; fallen angel; Eka Pada Koundinyasana I & II; Eka Hasta Bhujasana (elephant’s trunk); Galavasana; Eka Pada Galavasana; Astavakrasana (8 angle pose); tolasana; bhujapidasana (shoulder pressing pose); mayurasana / padma mayurasana; and more! Experienced-beginner to advanced practitioner can benefit.

Binds and Twists:  Moving vinyasa class that prepares the practitioner for binds and twists of varying degree of complexity.  Will include many poses from the Ashtanga series.  Yogis from experienced-beginner to advanced will enjoy the feeling of twisting and binding throughout class.