Close Of Summer Message From Sun And Moon

“Another season of beach yoga has passed! We’ve practiced through rain, sand in our eyes, brisk mornings, and under the intense heat of the sun. We’ve found peace and solace in the midst of hectic North Ave. Beach. Hours have been put into the mats that find themselves on the shores of Chicago’s beautiful lake every day.

The footprints of an enriching practice were erased with each tide and gust of wind, leaving space for a new beginning the next time we chose to step out on the sand. It has been a great joy to see those who made a return from last year, and an honor to meet many of you just discovering our efforts this year. Sharing many sunrises, sunsets, and the times between, I find a sudden lack of words to describe how amazing it’s been to spend another season on the beach.

I, on behalf of Eric Semyck, Carlie Chislof, and the staff, thank you for making another season meaningful and positive. Your energy and appreciation for yoga and the connection to nature provided, has continued to create a buzz in the city that cannot be ignored. You’ve seized the opportunity to take yoga outside of the walls of a studio and practice. We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer with us, and that the peace found will guide you back to our little shack next summer. There really is nothing like the sound of waves lapping up against the sand and the sun shining brightly to compliment a yoga practice. The light in each of us here at Sun and Moon Beach Yoga, bows to the divine light in each of you. Until next time…


Marco Namowicz”

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