Find The Peace in Tree Pose

So my new favorite pose is Tree Pose (Vrksasana).  When done with a goal of relaxing and settling down into the pose, I find that I can hang our here for minutes at a time, letting my body settle peacefully toward the Earth.

Picture how a tree rests: it doesn’t have stress on all of its limbs, constantly engaging them, trying to hold them stiff and upright, but rather everything settles downward with gravity, and the mechanics of its design make it stable.

Likewise in vrksasana, relax all muscles not needed to maintain the pose, and just slightly engage those needed to hold the posture.  Start by picking a drishti, or focal point, off on the horizon.  Your body will naturally adjust its own balance so long as one’s gaze remains steady and off in the distance.  Look down and you’ll fall down.


Try to ignore the red arrows that appear when doing tree pose.

Once in the posture, work from the top down and let your body settle:  soften your eyes, relax your mouth, jaw and neck.  Un-shrug your shoulders, let your elbows relax down, let your shoulder blades fall down your back; only with the slightest pressure push your hands together in anjali.  Softly engage your abdomen, try to soften your lower back.  Un-tense both thigh muscles, feel your body settle downward.  Last, lengthen your standing leg and back, and find the peace.

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