From The Teacher’s Mat: Beach Yoga Edition

beach sunrise

By now you all know I’ve been teaching 3, 4, 5 classes a week at the beach all summer.  Now that the season’s over, here’s some observations after seeing folks practicing start to finish over a seasonal cycle, and talking and getting to know them:

•   People who never would have thought of taking a studio yoga class came out in droves to do yoga on the beach.  That’s good.  I hope they move their practice indoors.

•   I like teaching yoga at the beach.  It’s casual.  I saw lots of fun dogs, and two hawks this week.  I got a great tan.  I rode my bike 12.6 miles round trip for every class.  I got to wear shorts and a bandana to work every day.

•   I work really well with people closer to my age (Not telling. Older.  That’s all you need to know).  I liked seeing lots of “people my age” in the classes – something I don’t see in many studio classes.  Keep it up, kids!

•   I’ll say it:  the smell of weed from a group of folks sitting near us on a hot summer’s evening as we practiced on the beach didn’t bother me.  I think it smelled good.  Admit it, you liked it too.

•   Sometimes I try to direct an advanced option for a pose at one or two students.  All the students think I’m talking to them and they try it.  It’s kind of fun.

•   I already miss having a little pile of sand in the shower every evening.

•   I want to teach on the beach again next summer.  If I’m not in Chicago next year, maybe they’ll let me “guest” teach some classes.

See you on the sand (metaphorically speaking).

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