From The Teacher’s Seat III

Seven months into teaching yoga now, I’m averaging probably four classes a week.  I’m really getting into teaching.  Observations from a new teacher just keep coming:

1.  Yoga gossip is boring.  If you’ve ever wondered what your yoga teachers gossip about, don’t.  It’s boring.

2.  I’ve all but stopped doing hands on adjustments.  Not a conscious choice, it just kind of happened.  Because I’m subbing a lot, and three of my four regular classes are on the beach this summer, adjustments just haven’t been happening.  Not that I don’t want to, but it just hasn’t been the right “moment” lately.

3.  “Yoga brain” is a real thing.  After teaching, and sometimes after taking, class, it’s sort of a calmness and a light distantness, if that’s a word.  It’s kind of cool and *way* addicting.

4.  I’m surprised at all the kinds of places I’m teaching, and the conditions:  Yoga studio, noisy yoga studio, gym, noisy gym, apartment rec rooms, the beach, in parks.  If your only experience with yoga is in a quiet, gentle studio with beautiful incense and candles, man there’s a whole lot more going on out there!

5.  Despite all the verbal cues learned from teacher training, sometimes it’s just easier to say, “do this” and demo the movement I need someone to do.  Especially in a mixed level class when I need half the people to get something, but I also need to move on.

What has surprised you to find out or learn as a new teacher?

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