Get Yourself Upside Down Into Tripod Headstand!

Tripod headstand is an accessible inversion for most students who may not wish to try Sirsasana I or handstand.  It offers a more stable base, and an easier procedure to get into the pose, which lets the student achieve each step in turn, thus giving a sense of accomplishment for each step mastered.  I’ve seen students excited just to get their knees off the ground into down dog legs.  Go slow, keep your balance.  After achieving one step, back out and rest, let your body absorb what it just did, then try again to get one step more.

After a proper warm-up (dolphin plank and dolphin are great), start in tabletop position and place your hands like you’re doing down dog, forearms vertical.  Lower the top of your head to the mat about 4-8 inches in front of your fingertips to form a triangle (not the forehead, not the back part of your head where the swirl is).  You should be able to see your fingertips.  Elbows always stay in toward the ribs, pointing back toward the toes.  Tuck your toes and lift your legs into down dog legs.  Walk your feet in as far as possible.  First lift and place one knee on your tricep, using it like a shelf; then place the other knee.  Bring your toes together and balance for a moment.

To rise up, engage your core as you push your feet toward the ceiling, slightly moving your gluteus back as ballast.  When vertical, the legs push back as your pelvis pushes forward, flattening your stomach and straightening your back.  Maintain balance with much of your weight in the heel of your hand.

To lower down, shift your rear toward the wall behind you to counterbalance your legs as you engage your core and slowly bend your knees, lowering them back onto your triceps.  Straighten one leg back to the floor, then the other.  Rest on your heels.  Enjoy.

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