I Can’t Do Yoga …

… I’m not flexible.”  We’ve all gotten it – the “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible” response when we tell people we do yoga.

My usual response kind of stinks, usually a mush-mouthed statement about how yoga is more than just bending and stretching, there’s spiritual, emotional and other aspects and gee, you should give it a try.

I’m working on another response that might just get people out of their, “I’m not flexible” excuse and kick them onto the mat.  Something pithy like, “So you wouldn’t go for a jog because you can’t run a marathon?”

What’s your response and how has it worked?

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Do Yoga …

  1. I’m still figuring this out, too. I tell them I’m not really flexible either and they’re usually baffled! (Hello, bent-kneed forward folds). Not sure that helps! Let me know if you think of an awesome reply…I need a better one!

  2. Oh, have I ever received this excuse. I tell people that there isn’t a requirement to put yourself in a pretzel or touching your toes. It is about listening to your body and taking notice on what you learn on the way there. Another approach would be to have a class for people who have never done yoga…you know those who use that excuse. But it has to have creative marketing that’s for sure.

    • kwarren, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I’m working on a beginner’s series with my local studio for this Fall, but the hard part is getting folks past that “I’m not stretchy so I can’t do it” block. It seems like they know they should try it but don’t quite know why or how, or they have this block that they won’t look good, they’ll be embarrased, whatever. I’ve taught a lot of first timers this summer and they all walk away wanting more.

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