Level Up! Your Practice Fridays 2:30p to 3:30p

Every month we’ll work on a new challenge pose to Level Up! your practice, first month will be forearm stand / pincha mayurasana, from beginner to intermediate, take your practice to the next level.
Level Up! your yoga practice. Every month we’ll work on one unique and challenging pose to move your yoga practice to the next level. In this workshop-style class, we’ll start the month with preparatory and strengthening poses to get your body and mind ready for the challenge pose that comes later in the month. As we move toward the end of the month, you’ll find yourself ready to accept the challenge of fun poses like forearm stand, one legged king pigeon, handstand, or an assortment of arm balances.  This format will help you create and sustain a long-term challenging practice.  Even if you can “do” the pose already, you’ll get instruction in proper form and alignment, and there’s always more to add on – whether it’s letting your body go deeper, holding the pose longer, or any of the advanced options, we’ll find a way to “Level Up!” your yoga.
Some yoga experience required but beginners with knowledge of the fundamentals are welcome. Keep an eye on the ACY website or contact me for each month’s selected pose.

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