Music During Savasana? Why Not?

The bar next door to one of the studios I teach at can get a little noisy during weekend classes.

So tonight I cranked up the Wade Morissette (“Mahadeva Shambo” – great song) during savasana to try to drown out the noise.  I figured, if there’s going to be noise, it might as well be a decent yoga chant/song.

I’d be interested in thoughts on this.  Natural noise, or try to set the mood?  Or some other alternative?

3 thoughts on “Music During Savasana? Why Not?

  1. Good point! Teaching in a busy city is really, really challenging. With advanced students chanting might work out to wind down the class but many students are reluctant….

    • Thanks, SA. Interesting theory, end a class with some seated chanting, maybe a minute of silence, then go home? I think it would definitely have to be with a class full of regulars who “get it.” I’m all about non-traditional use of the traditional.

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