My Journey From Ambivalence To Becoming A Lululemon Fanboy – Review of Men’s Kung Fu Pant

Haven’t done a product review lately, here goes:  I’ll be honest here, my first few excursions into Lulu didn’t really inspire me to take notice of their men’s clothes.  The first time I didn’t even take the clothes off the rack to try on – as I like to say, the fit was way too expensive.

Then, late last summer when I was teaching at Cheetah Gym in Chicago, Lulu-Bucktown picked Cheetah as its local studio of the month.  So I wound up teaching a Sunday community class at the Lulu on Damen Ave.  They told me to go to the store the Wednesday before so they could take a quick picture for their Facebook post publicizing the class.  Sure, I thought, what could possibly go wrong?

The lady at the Bucktown store was a whirlwind – I had to try on an outfit, she says.  I demurred, not my style, I insisted.  She shows me some pink shorts – I ask if they come in black.  Apparently not hearing me, the whirlwind has me in pink shorts and a pink shirt before I know what’s happening.  Neither fit – lumpy, grabbing in my pits and my belly and “other” areas, they just don’t fit.

And they’re pink.IMG_2852

Next thing I know, she snaps a picture and it’s on the webbernet.  Posterity in pink.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I come across a pair of Lulu Men’s Kung Fu pants (#swag) in grey from the Lulu in Ketchum, next door to where I’ve been teaching yogs.  I have to tell you, in two days they’ve become a lifetime favorite – as in, I want to buy six more pairs in case they discontinue them.  Favorites, as in, they rival my 501’s for comfort and fit.  They actually remind me of some really nice Mark Shale wool slacks I had a few years ago – they sit well on the hips, the leg tubes are wide, so that when I put things in my pockets the pants still hang nicely.  All in all, just a nice pair of “workout” pants to wear around town.

So, really, I’m never going to practice yoga in them – running shorts or my Vickerey knickers work for that – the ‘Fu’s are just too big and there’s too much material that would get in the way of moving around, and they’d be too hot.  But Lulu has shorts that could work (haven’t tried them on yet, but my teaching friend Nick wears them and they look good on him) if someone was inclined.  I will, however, definitely be wearing them to teach in, they’re a good weight, stretchy enough to demo poses in, and frankly I like how they make me look thin; and I think they’ll work well in milder weather as over-pants, with my shorts on underneath, for to/from classes.

There ya’ go, I’m a Lulu fanboy.

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