My new go-to Savasana Tune

So my new go-to savasana tune is “Govinda” by Bhagavan Das.  It sounds like what I imagine a late evening in the Indian countryside might sound like – a lonely, somewhat out of tune voice singing praise to Govinda, a lone drum keeping the beat, and what sounds like possibly a sitar playing the same note over and over on its own beat.

I picture a deep orange sunset through the haze of cooking fires, the sound of families quietly ending their days’ work in the fields, humidity heavy in the air.  Romantic, I know, but it’s a pretty cool sounding tune for a dude from Laguna Beach who dropped out in the late 60’s to become a real-life guru.

And yes, I do like music during my savasana.  Some do, some don’t.  I do.  I started it in a class the other day (its 5:00 long) during the last few poses and had about 2:00 of it playing during savasana, then to silence.  It was a cool way to ease into corpse pose, I thought.

For $.99, on iTunes, check it out.

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