Not Really an End of the Year List of the Past Year’s Yoga-ish Events

So I’m making this list of the past year’s events not because it’s December, but because today marks the day I graduated from my teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago.  Certainly, by this measure, the past “year” goes back to September, 2012, when the TT started.  The TT was one of those transformative experiences that everyone talks about.  I won’t bore you with who I was before the TT; the Mike you see (or read) now is the product of a conscious decision to fundamentally change the direction my life was heading.  The past year, in list form:

•   Awesome new yoga friends – from TT, from watching the desk at YV-Division (my check-in buddies that I miss!); from my classes I taught at the beach; my fave yoga teachers H, Q, SS, SD, B, C; and the folks I would chit-chat with before classes.  I totally miss my Ashtanga Mondays and Hannah’s knot-tying lessons!

•    Teaching.  That’s the crux of it.  I started the path to becoming a yoga teacher.  I like it, more than I ever liked practicing law.  I like the immediacy of the moment, where there’s nothing in the universe except the last few poses, the current pose, and thinking about how to get to the next pose.  It’s a great way to turn off the chatter in my mind, I help people feel good, and it makes me feel good.  All three of which are relatively new experiences for me.

•    Moving.  From Chicago to Idaho.  After almost 48 years living in Chicago.  It was a major step, one the old Mike definitely would not have taken.  But I finally live near the mountains.

•    Close down my law practice.  When it was good, I did enjoy being a lawyer, and I mostly had really good clients.  But the profession is broken, and to be honest, 20 years of anything is a long time.

•    Yoga practice.  Someone told me that “your practice will never be better than during TT,” which for the most part was true.  However, I’ve been lucky that I could *mostly* keep the pace up of my practice, and thanks to the great teachers at YV, I’ve “advanced” in many aspects of the physical practice (see this post: Great Day in Class ).  I know yogi’s aren’t supposed to brag, but I’m also human and I think it’s cool how my body has transformed too.

Anyways, that’s my list.  How was your yoga year?

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