“Old Timer’s Vinyasa” or, “I Hurt My Hip And This Is All I Can Do”

I’m calling this “old timer’s vinyasa” because it is a good way for older, gentler folks to get down onto the mat for some mat work, folks who might not be as bendy or have the upper body strength for a traditional vinyasa, and folks whose hips hurt.  It should probably be called, “I hurt my hip really bad and this is how I figured out how to get to the mat because I’m too stubborn to take two days off” vinyasa, but I’m too humble to name a sequence after myself.

Long story, short, the video shows getting down for a low lunge, then getting back up, then down again for a cobra, then back up.

Sequence:  step back with one foot; place the same-side hand onto the mat; lower the back knee to the mat; position oneself for a low lunge; reverse to get out.  It might even help to have a chair placed next to oneself, if the knees are weak or unstable.  Check it out:

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