On Hating Side Angle Pose Which Is Now One Of My Favorites

Is it a yoga sin to “hate” a yoga pose?  For years I dreaded the teacher calling out Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana).  Nothing clicked – my belly wouldn’t come past my thigh, I couldn’t turn my ribcage open, I couldn’t bring my shoulder blade onto my back, when I reached “overhead” my arm barely moved toward the front of my mat at all.  It was just damn uncomfortable!


And to add injury to insult, I could hardly breathe because my shoulder would press into my neck.

But I kept plugging away at it, if only because I didn’t want to just stand there doing nothing while everyone else was in these beautiful, picture perfect asanas.

Then one day, I stopped noticing how uncomfortable it was.  I didn’t even think about how I didn’t like the pose when the teacher called it out.  It just wasn’t a concern.

And I kept plugging away at it.

And then somehow, one day recently, I noticed I actually felt good doing the pose.  It’s actually one of my favorites.  Yoga sin of having a favorite pose? Ribcage open, fingertips reaching.  I can release my lower hand to the mat; I can even bind it.

Sort of like the spiritual and emotional healing aspects of yoga:  sure, it’s uncomfortable trying to heal, meditate, contemplate for the first time.  It even hurts.  But keep plugging away at it, and one day you’ll realize it doesn’t hurt so much.  Then one day, well down the road, you might actually feel good.

All because you kept plugging away at it.

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