Product: Manduka Practice Tote Mat Bag

So I just got this mat bag the other day and I’m already psyched about it.  Sometimes I design things  I need in my head, and a good mat bag is one thing that I’ve thought about for a while because my former current bag just wasn’t doing the job anymore.  My now-former mat bag was okay but just didn’t have the features.

What I really needed was a bag that was (a) easy to get my mat into, and (b) had extra room for wet clothes and other stuff.  The Practice Tote fits that perfectly.

First, it’s made of heavy cotton, almost canvas like, material.  I got mine in purple, and it comes in med. gray and black also.  It has a wide comfortable and easily adjustable strap, and a handle on either end.  It’s well made with good stitching and heavy zippers.


But the cool part is it has two compartments, both with bag-long zippers.  For the mat, just run the zipper the length of the bag and set the mat in (Manduka says the bag will hold their Black Mat Pro, a big honking mat).  Easy, right?  For the second compartment, it also runs the length of the bag and has a long zipper for access.  It’s lined with a soft cotton, and is definitely big enough for a change of clothes, it looks to be the same size as the mat compartment.  It also has a clip for keys, and a small mesh pocket for wallet, cash and loose junk.

What I like about the bag is that, for winter, it will hold wet clothes after yoga; and for summer I’ll be able to leave the house with keys wallet, cash, towel, maybe a book for the bus, all in one bag.  I can now wear practice shorts or yoga pants to class in nice weather – no more wearing jeans or shorts just to have a pocket for my wallet/keys.  It’s a do-all bag.

handy pocket and key ring

handy pocket and key ring

My one quibble is that the mesh pocket/key ring are at the far end of the zipper, so to access them you need to run the zipper all the way open.  It would be easier to access the pocket/key ring (like getting a bus pass out) if they were at the start of the opening – just open the zipper a few inches instead of the full length of the bag.  Not a big deal, but noticeable in the first few days I’ve had it.

Totally recommending this one.  Nice.

Manduka Practice Tote

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