Product: Verve Men’s Hanuman Yoga Pants

Good pants.  Good pants.  And not just because they’re probably the only men’s yoga pant out there that are actually practical for doing advanced yoga.

So I’m always looking for decent men’s yoga pants.  Pants that allow for full movement, but that don’t bunch up or bind, that aren’t too baggy, or that I don’t catch my heel on when doing a jump back out of eka pada galavasana.

The Verve Men’s Hanuman pant is close fitting (finally!) like a women’s pant, but are made of mostly cotton, with some lycra for stretch and shape retention.  And they’re cut for a man – roomy where they have to be, that is.

Revolved Triangle

Revolved Triangle

They cover enough of my legs, on the other hand, to give grip to a foot or ankle on a sweaty thigh (vrksasana or ardha baddha padmottanasana, for example).  Yeah, there is some catch on jump backs, but not so much as to be really annoying like you’d get with full cut sweat-style pants, which catch on every move.

This is one of those sets of clothing that, after I got and tried on my first pair, I bought three more in case they stopped making them.  They come in black or brown and some other odd looking colors, and they’ve faded in the 8 months I’ve had them, but that’s with hard use and a lot of hot water washes.  The material and stitching are still totally fine, just the color.

And they look cool.  Check them out:


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