Take Time Off to Improve Your Yoga? Huh?

Just got back from two weeks hiking, camping and eating.  Only took one yoga class near the end of the two weeks.

Interesting phenomenon when I got back and into my first class:  a lot of asanas that had been giving me trouble – notably urdvha dhanurasana – were totally easy!

I’m not saying it’s anywhere near perfect.  More like, as far as I could get into the pose, it felt effortless.  Both muscular and psychological.  Less tension, less fatigue.  Same flexibility.

I’d noted this effect back when I was swimming regularly – a well timed break of a week or ten days could actually improve my performance.  So if you find yourself “stuck” in your yoga practice, take a week or ten days off.  Do something else.  Let your body and mind heal, let it acclimate to the poses you’d been practicing, without actually practicing.

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