The Standard “Thankful for Stuff” Blog Post

Okay, so this will probably be another non-“Yogic” post, but I am thankful for my yoga practice.  For over ten years it has been my companion, my friend, my confessor, my cheerleader, sometimes a little pesky, often an annoying voice in my ear, more often it has encouraged me, comforted me, given me self-esteem, courage and self-worth.  In a word, it’s been kick-ass.

What has yoga given me?  The yoga sutras promise that “yoga helps to still the mind.”  While I can’t say my mind is “still” just yet, I am a calmer, less reactive, less sad and less angry person than I was ten years ago.  Sometimes.  When I do my meditation practice, it makes me feel good.  Thanks to that!

Yoga has given me physical fitness.  I’m back at my H.S. football playing weight – 45 lbs less than I was ten years ago.  My weight actually matches my driver’s license for the first time since 19*cough*.  I have physical strength, I am stretchy (yes, that is a yoga term).  I am proud of and often surprised at the yoga poses I can achieve (yes, yoga sin of pride.  Workin’ on that one).  It inspires me to do other physical activities to maintain and support my yoga practice (still gotta do that aerobic stuff, sorry folks).  Thanks to that!

Yoga has shown me that I can’t define myself by what I “do.”  Lawyer?  Nope, I teach yoga.  I do yoga.  I hike.  I travel.  I am whatever I am doing right now (typing?  Sure, why not).  It helped me break out of that pigeonhole of being my job.  I am a part of everything.  Thanks to that!

I am thankful for my yoga students over the last year.  As much as they’ve helped me become who I am right now, I hope I’ve helped them.  Thanks to them!  I am thankful for my yoga friends I’ve made over the last ten years.  Even though many of these relationships are superficial and solely on the ‘Book, they’re still better than the relationships I’ve had with lawyers.  Can’t say I’m really “friends” with any lawyers, even after 20 years of practice (it’s a broken profession.  Sorry, rant over).  At least in a yoga setting, we’re all working toward the same goals, albeit imperfectly.  That’s why it’s called “work.”  Thanks to them!

So, there’s my Thanksgiving Day post.  Thanks for reading!

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