Things I’m Learning From The Teacher’s Seat – II

More pithy observations as I continue my new trip teaching yoga:

•   Room temperature:  What feels cool to the teacher can be quite warm indeed for the students.  Several times I’ve asked, “is it too cold in here” only to have a class full of red, sweaty faces shaking their heads at me.

•   Singles:  There’s nowhere to hide when only one student shows up.  But as I’m finding out, teaching singles is quite fun – no lesson plan, just teach to one student exactly what that student needs.  There’s great interaction, I can ask questions (“what do you want to work on this week?”) and workshop whatever pose the student wants.  Plus, when I’ve done yoga auditions at studios, they’ve been one-on-one’s.  So great practice.

•   Same thing, when only a couple of students show up.  The lesson plan goes out the door and I teach to what the class needs or is capable of.  But when teaching a crowded class, then I can do my awesome lesson plan.  So long as most can keep up, that’s o.k.

•   Older students seem to “get it” and don’t stress about getting into the perfect pose.

•   Now that I’m able to track a student through an entire class (rather than when I’m taking the class and just occasionally looking around) it’s interesting that a yogi can nail one pose, then be wholly incapably of getting close to another pose.  Great Warrior II, but can’t do a forward fold, for example.

•   Teaching a lot is hard on the body.  I’m sore after almost every class I teach, even when I’m very careful about how much I demo.  I have to figure this out – it’s getting painful!

•   In the same vein as the previous entry, be prepared to buy LOTS of deodorant and bath salts.

•   And last, no student ever complains when you put them into child’s pose.  It’s always welcome!

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