Things I’m Learning From The Teacher’s Seat

Looking back on my first few months teaching yoga, I’ve learned some neat things that I never thought of.  Here’s a few notes:

•    Students will ask me questions about yoga.  I know we covered this in TT, but I still find it neat that someone wants my opinion/ideas and wants to discuss them with me.  After 20+ years of people arguing with absolutely everything I say or do (lawyer!) it’s refreshing to be on the same side of a discussion.  And with 10+ years of yoga practice, I find I actually have some hidden knowledge there.

•    Students will ask personal questions about yoga.  Yep, I got my first period question the other night.  I hope I didn’t look too shocked.  I recovered, we discussed it, agreed on a conclusion, the world kept spinning.

•    I actually have a good instinct for yoga.  A student the other day told me of her knee surgery and how she was afraid to re-injure it.  We were going to do a standing pigeon that I was concerned would hurt it (ardha baddha padmottanasana variation).  I suggested she use the wall for balance on that pose.  After class she said it was a great idea and she was able to come deep into the pose.  Talking to her further, it turns out the surgery was healed, she just had a fear of hurting herself, that the wall-balance alleviated.

•    I can get almost anyone into crow pose.  Probably a rare and useless talent.  But my theory is that crow pose is fun and accessible.  I’ve never seen crow pose done in class where most people aren’t smiling afterwards.

•    Teaching a beginners class, and teaching a level 2 class, are both lots of fun but for different reasons.  I like working with beginners.  They’re eager to learn, and it’s great when someone gets it.  I like teaching the more experienced classes too, because I can design a program that’s more complicated than a beginners, to focus on a particular body part or emphasize a particular pose, or get into a more difficult pose.  Both classes are fun, for different reasons.

Just some random observations from a new teacher.

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