Wade Morissette on the Stereo

So if you haven’t heard Wade Morissette in your yoga or meditation, you should check out some of his songs.  He comes to his music from a yogic background – he teaches also (more on that later) and I’ve had the pleasure of taking one of his workshops.  Many of his songs are based on kirtan – style chants or prayers.  “Gayatri Mantra” comes to mind.  Thing about his singing, though, is that his pronunciation of the chants may be different than you’ve heard.  Maybe it’s that whole Canadian thing.  This is good – he brings an uplifting tune to some of the chants that can, frankly, sound dirge-like on occasion.

Songs on my rotation include:

Gayatri Mantra

Guru Ma


Om Namah Shivaya

Shining Darkness

A great meditation, or slowdown at the end of class, tune is “Mahadeva Shambo” which means “Hail to the supreme Lord, the auspicious one who brings happiness and joy.” Or something.  Anyway, it’s a good song for coming down after a vigorous practice, or on which to meditate.

Check it out.

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