Yoga Basics: Standing (or, Mountain Pose)

Most yoga instructors cue to “spread your weight evenly through the four corners of your feet.” It sets a strong foundation for everything else to come in class. In my years of practice, though, I’ve mostly ignored this advice until recently, when I spent ten minutes at the bus stop actually doing this.

And it felt like I was floating.

So let’s try it together because it’s pretty cool: stand with your bare feet hips’ distance apart, insoles parallel, big toes even with each other. Look at your feet. Now bring your weight to the front of your feet.  Now slowly bring it to your heels.  Do this a few times. Watch your feet for visual balance cues. “Feel” for where the center point is – where the weight is evenly in front and back.

After a few times doing this, center the front/back balance. Now bring your weight into the outside (outsoles) of your feet. Then slowly to the inside. Again, slowly go back and forth a few times, feeling for the center point.

Last, pick a focal point to stare at – from 15 feet in front of you on the floor, to something outside your window in the distance.  Stare at it.

And float.

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